Book Review: 12 Finally by Wendy Mass

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Rory Swenson just turned 12 and has a list of things that she can finally do. Go to the mall with her friends, get a phone, baby sit, stay home alone, ride in the front seat, get your ears pierced, wear make up, have a pet etc. This is the time when her life officially starts.

Jake Harrison and Madison Waters are coming to her school to film a movie, Rory her best friend Anabelle and tons of other people get chosen to be extras in the movie but things don’t go as well as she thought they would. Rory kept getting allergies and hurting herself by trying makeup, shaving her legs, getting a pet, getting her ears pierced and staying home alone.

Throughout the whole book Rory helps a lot of people and doesn’t notice it. She helped a guy buy animal food, get into a ballet studio, find a book and more. To find out more read 12 Finally.

This book was very interesting and life learning and I really liked it. I recommend this book to people ages 10 and up.


Book Review: The Terminals by Royce Scott Buckingham

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Cam is basically your average college student. He is easygoing, plays left wing for his soccer team, and he has good grades. When the doctors pronounce him to have a disease, where there is a huge tumor that grows in his brain and it just keeps on growing until he dies. Everything changes for Cam. A strange man comes to him and asks if he wants to join a group of students that all have the same disease that he has, but use the time that they have to live wisely, by kicking butt and saving people. Cam accepts the offer and joins the team. The other college students are enhanced by this serum called TS-9. It basically makes them faster and stronger than any other human being. At first, Cam is excited about being on the team, but when they go on their first mission he starts to doubt the true meaning of why they’re doing this. He starts to question things, like if the people that they killed are really bad people, or if his so called disease is real.

I liked this book because even though Cam doesn’t have all the enhancements that the other college students have, he still manages to keep up with them and even surpasses them. This shows that even though somebody might be better than you at something, that doesn’t mean that you’re bad at it, it just means that you have to work harder to reach that level of expertise. I recommend this book to kids 12 and up.

Book Review: Blood Ninja by Nick Lake

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Taro is a normal peasant boy living in a village on a beach happily, then out of for no reason at all ninja come to kill him. His whole perspective of what’s real and what’s fantasy changes, when his father is killed by a vampire ninja. His mother faked her death so that the ninjas wouldn’t get her, and he got rescued by a good vampire ninja. While fighting off the other ninjas, Taro gets stabbed through the stomach by one of the ninjas, and the in order to save Taro’s life, the good vampire ninja turns Taro into a vampire. As Taro trains to become a ninja, in a ninja school, he is met by looks of resentment from the other students, because he ‘s already a vampire. Whereas they have to complete many years of training to be then turned into a vampire. Can Taro complete ninja school? Will he be able to find his mother? Why, and who sent the ninjas to kill him.

I liked this book, because I like books with a lot of action in it and moments where you stop to think. I also liked this book because I really like fantasy, and I like it when it has things in the book that defy what a normal human being can do. For example, if you have super speed or super strength, and you lift a building, or move 100 miles per hour to block a sword.

Book Review: Dull Boy by Sarah Cross

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Avery Pirzwick is not your ordinary teenage boy, unless you count super strength and flight as normal. There’s only one catch, he can’t tell anybody about his powers. I mean, would you want to be dissected by scientists? So he has to try to be as dull as possible, only that sometimes he can’t control his powers. There’s only so much he can blame on adrenaline, and sooner or later somebody’s going to find out. When this group of other kids with powers search him out, Avery realizes that he’s not the only one. Meanwhile, an evil villain plots to turn Avery into something more powerful, a better more dominant species.

I Really liked this book, because it had a lot of action and surprises waiting for you around each corner.

Book Review: Wonder by R.J.Palacio

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Auggie acts like a normal kid, he plays like a normal kid, and he thinks like a normal kid, but does he look like a normal kid? Auggie’s face is deformed unlike any normal kid. Up until he turned 11, his parents have homeschooled him; with the fear that he wouldn’t be able to take the abuse, and insults from the other children about his face. His parents finally decided that they can’t coddle him anymore, so they enrolled him in fifth grade at Beecher Prep. At the new school, Auggie gets made fun of by some of the kids, but only behind his back. He strives to try and fit in, but there seems to be nothing that he can do, that will make his classmates accept him. Until the Camping Trip. Can Auggie pull something off, to make his classmates and his so called “friends” really accept him?

This book really affected me, by making me think about the things I do and how it doesn’t really matter how you look, or how you speak, it’s how you think, and treat other people. This story personally impacted me because I have an uncle who looks different and is seriously disabled. At first when I met him, I was scared of him because of how he looked and how he made sounds. Then when I got older, I started to realize that he’s no different than us, he’s probably pretty smart, but we just don’t know it. If someone made fun of my uncle, I would probably A)beat them up, B)tell them to shut up and go away, or C)explain to them that its not right to do those things. I definitely recommend this book to you.

Book Review: V is for Villian by Peter Moore

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Blake Baron is basically your stereotype superhero, he’s handsome, has super strength, super speed, invulnerability, the power of flight, and so on. He is also part of a group of superheroes who call themselves, the Elite Justice Force. He beats villains down, it seems with no effort at all. Oh yeah, and it turns out he’s Brad Baron’s brother, who’s only power is enhanced intelligence. He also goes to a school where everybody in it, either has super strength, super speed, flight powers, basically powers that actually can cause some damage.

Brad starts to make some interesting friends at school that have different thoughts about superheroes. He starts realizing how superheroes are not really the good guys, and bad guys aren’t really bad. One of his friends is called Layla, who probably has an illegal superpower, but with her help he begins to hone a dangerous power of his own.

Then they start investigating on the “villains” that the Superheroes kill. When investigating, they find out some dangerous information that could possibly get them killed. They get pulled into the world of villains vs. superheroes, and maybe form a group of villains themselves. In this world, Brad needs to choose which side he agrees with, villains, or superheroes.

I think this book is awesome, I reread it so many times. It has so many parts where you go, “oh no he’s going to do it, nooo!” It has parts where your all like,” wait whaaaaat, I totally didn’t think he was going to do that.” I recommend this book for 11 and up.

Book Review: House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

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Matt is a clone who was harvested from the belly of a cow. He is the replica of the most powerful drug lord in the world. At first when Matt is revealed he is treated like a wild animal, he is starved, locked in a chicken pen, and beaten. When he is seven, he is saved by a girl named Maria and a cook named Celia, who took care of him when he was very little. When he gets out of the chicken pen, he meets the drug lord, the original . He immediately takes a liking to him, since they have so much in common(since he is a replica of him). When he turns 14, he starts to suspect his original isn’t the saint he thought he was. His suspicions turn out to be true, when they bring him in to do an operation on him, to transplant his organs to his original. Can he escape his original? Will he become something better than an old senile drug lord?

I like this book because it shows that you can change who you are for the better if you want to, or if you try. This book also shows you that people are people no matter what they look like or who they were born from. They’re still human beings who have the same emotions and feelings as you and I. You should read this book or recommend it to your children. Age recommendation for this book is 11 and up.