Book Review: Nightmare Academy Series by Dean Lorey

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Charlie Benjamin is a kid who was secluded from society because of the many schools he was kicked out of. He got kicked out of so many preschools and kindergartens because of the destruction he caused during naptime. The principal had to ban him from going to school. Charlie had a special ability called the gift, so that when he went to sleep, he had nightmares that caused him to open up a portal to the nether. The nether is a place where monsters and evil beings dwell. After those incidents, he had to get homeschooled by his parents. One day some kids invited him over to a sleepover, which he accepted. While he was sleeping, he opened a portal and let a monster spider in. When he woke up, all the kids were wrapped up in silk hanging from the ceiling.

The people from nightmare academy heard this and decided to recruit him. When he got there, they decided to test him and he opened a portal to the inner circle. It was where the most powerful monsters in the nether dwelled. Charlie closed the portal in time, but not soon enough that one of the most powerful monsters Barrakas talked to him. When he closed the portal, he chopped off Barrakas arm with one of the artifacts on it. The artifact allows Barrakas to summon the creator of all monsters.

Charlie then met the headmaster who took him to meet the other recruits. She took him to the trout of truth which was a fish that swallowed you up if you told a lie. So that if you yell, “I am a banisher” or a “nethermancer”, which are the different types of abilities.  The fish will swallow you if you are lying, it won’t if you are telling the truth. Charlie stepped up and yelled I am a “nethermancer”, nothing happened, and he said “I am not a banisher” and the fish swallowed him up and spit him back out. Charlie was what they called a double threat. A double threat was a person who possessed both the abilities to do nethermancy and banishing.

After that he met two people, who became his friends, Theodore and violet. A couple days later he discovered that Barrakas had taken his parents. He then came up with a plan to sneak out of the academy with his friends and free his parents. He took the artifact that belonged to Barrakas to negotiate with him. When he got there, he told them that he wanted to join them. Unfortunately for him, they sniffed him out so he threw the artifact inside of one of the monsters mouth. Barrakas then started tearing the monster apart so the other one fought back. While they were fighting, Charlie and his friends portaled out with his parents back to Nightmare Academy.

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and action. I think that it was a very entertaining story. I couldn’t stop reading it.