Book Review: Who Done It? by Jon Scieszka

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 9.49.16 AM

Think about all the things you loathe in people, then times it by one thousand. That is what Herman Mildew is. He loves cheese, and smells like something has died. He looks worse than a fat pig, and he’s one of the most hated editors alive. He also hates bad authors. Oh yeah, and he was murdered. They are investigating 80 of the most talented, and bestselling children’s fiction authors in the YA that are suspects in his murder. To prove their innocence, they make them write alibis in brief first person entries. The only problem is they’re all liars; and they all have something to hide.

I liked this book, because the authors are really sarcastic and straight forward. It was really funny reading through all the stories.

Reviewer D.J. 12 years old. Book recommended for 11 and up.


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