Book Review: Wonder by R.J.Palacio

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Auggie acts like a normal kid, he plays like a normal kid, and he thinks like a normal kid, but does he look like a normal kid? Auggie’s face is deformed unlike any normal kid. Up until he turned 11, his parents have homeschooled him; with the fear that he wouldn’t be able to take the abuse, and insults from the other children about his face. His parents finally decided that they can’t coddle him anymore, so they enrolled him in fifth grade at Beecher Prep. At the new school, Auggie gets made fun of by some of the kids, but only behind his back. He strives to try and fit in, but there seems to be nothing that he can do, that will make his classmates accept him. Until the Camping Trip. Can Auggie pull something off, to make his classmates and his so called “friends” really accept him?

This book really affected me, by making me think about the things I do and how it doesn’t really matter how you look, or how you speak, it’s how you think, and treat other people. This story personally impacted me because I have an uncle who looks different and is seriously disabled. At first when I met him, I was scared of him because of how he looked and how he made sounds. Then when I got older, I started to realize that he’s no different than us, he’s probably pretty smart, but we just don’t know it. If someone made fun of my uncle, I would probably A)beat them up, B)tell them to shut up and go away, or C)explain to them that its not right to do those things. I definitely recommend this book to you.