Book Review: V is for Villian by Peter Moore

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Blake Baron is basically your stereotype superhero, he’s handsome, has super strength, super speed, invulnerability, the power of flight, and so on. He is also part of a group of superheroes who call themselves, the Elite Justice Force. He beats villains down, it seems with no effort at all. Oh yeah, and it turns out he’s Brad Baron’s brother, who’s only power is enhanced intelligence. He also goes to a school where everybody in it, either has super strength, super speed, flight powers, basically powers that actually can cause some damage.

Brad starts to make some interesting friends at school that have different thoughts about superheroes. He starts realizing how superheroes are not really the good guys, and bad guys aren’t really bad. One of his friends is called Layla, who probably has an illegal superpower, but with her help he begins to hone a dangerous power of his own.

Then they start investigating on the “villains” that the Superheroes kill. When investigating, they find out some dangerous information that could possibly get them killed. They get pulled into the world of villains vs. superheroes, and maybe form a group of villains themselves. In this world, Brad needs to choose which side he agrees with, villains, or superheroes.

I think this book is awesome, I reread it so many times. It has so many parts where you go, “oh no he’s going to do it, nooo!” It has parts where your all like,” wait whaaaaat, I totally didn’t think he was going to do that.” I recommend this book for 11 and up.