Book Review: House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

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Matt is a clone who was harvested from the belly of a cow. He is the replica of the most powerful drug lord in the world. At first when Matt is revealed he is treated like a wild animal, he is starved, locked in a chicken pen, and beaten. When he is seven, he is saved by a girl named Maria and a cook named Celia, who took care of him when he was very little. When he gets out of the chicken pen, he meets the drug lord, the original . He immediately takes a liking to him, since they have so much in common(since he is a replica of him). When he turns 14, he starts to suspect his original isn’t the saint he thought he was. His suspicions turn out to be true, when they bring him in to do an operation on him, to transplant his organs to his original. Can he escape his original? Will he become something better than an old senile drug lord?

I like this book because it shows that you can change who you are for the better if you want to, or if you try. This book also shows you that people are people no matter what they look like or who they were born from. They’re still human beings who have the same emotions and feelings as you and I. You should read this book or recommend it to your children. Age recommendation for this book is 11 and up.