Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant

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People 15 and older are disappearing. They’re gone. At first kids are happy they can do whatever they want but, when people start developing strange powers and food is running low they, become afraid. Perdido Beach is trapped, covered by some strange force field that you can’t get through.

Kids from Coates Academy are trying to rule Perdido Beach. People are choosing sides. Kids our cowering in their homes afraid, and alone. What they don’t realize is that there is something more powerful than war lurking in the depths of a mine shaft. Something so deadly, it could give you nightmares that would haunt you even in the sunlight. It’s hungry, and it wants a body.

I liked this book because it gives you chills and at the same time makes you want to keep reading it. I liked how it makes teenagers and younger kids seem and act like adults at times. This book is amazing, it shows you that being in charge might not be what you dreamed it would be. If you want to find out what happens read Gone.

I think this book is for middle school age and up.



Book Review: El Arbol Generoso by Shel Silverstein

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Habìa una vez un árbol que queria mucho a un niño.El niño venia a ver el àrbol todos los días.Jugaban con las hojas del árbol,trepaba el tronco del árbol,jugaba con las ramas del árbol,cojia las manzanas del árbol y jugaban al escondite.Pero el hombre crecía más y más hasta que no podía venir.Un día el hombre vino y dijo quiero dinero pero el árbol dijo no tengo dinero pero coje mis manzanas y vendelas y así cojerias dinero.El hombre vino otra vez y dijo nesesito una casa pero el árbol dijo no tengo una casa pero coje mis ramas y haz una casa.Después el hombre vino otra vez y dijo nesesito un barco pero el árbol dijo no tengo un barco pero coje mi tronco y haz un barco. Luego el hombre vino otra vez y dijo nesesito un lugar para descasar y el árbol dijo sientate en mi tronco y el árbol estaba feliz.

Me encanta este libro enseña a ser generosa, me enspira mucho.


Book Review: Are you there God? It’s me Margaret by Judy Blume

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Margaret Simon is almost twelve years old and just moved from New York city to the subernes. She and her new friends formed a secret club about having boy books, getting their periods, and having secret metings. All of Margaret’s friends have a religion exept her, but what they don’t know is that she secretly talks to god about her problems. Almost all Margaret’s friends already got their periods but Margaret is woried that she will get it last. The P-E teacher plans some dancing and Margaret’s partner is the best looking boy at school–first boy on her boy book list. Margaret’s new friend Nancy is the leader of the secret club. Margaret secretly has a crush on Nancy’s 14 year old brother’s friend. In conclusion Margaret has a great humor and is a good person.

I recommend this book because it helped me reduce my stress for when I become a teen. ENJOY!!!!J