Book Review: The Brotherband Chronicles by John Flanagan

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16 year old Hal is an outsider, because his mother is from another country. He gets bullied by many of the boys and the only thing he enjoys doing is hanging out with his friends, while building his boat. Even that gets taken away from him. At the age of 16 it is mandatory that you join a brother band(a group were you learn crucial skills to become a Viking, and you compete with other groups to win the right to be warrirors). He gets grouped with all of the loners in the Viking village. The clown, the thief, the bickering twins, the silent one, and the big and blind one. The first task that their assigned to do is build their shelter. Hal makes his elevated so that the rain doesn’t seep in below and soak them. When they wake up they find out that they had made the best shelter out of all of the groups. Then after eating they find out that they have to be tested to see if they know how to use the weapons they have in their possession. Then after that they have to do their first competition against the other groups. They win the race because the other groups thought it was a one on one race.

After many competitions the Heron brother band is the group with the most points. Because they are the winning brother band they get to guard the Andomal, the most precious jewel that the Vikings have. Unfortunately they fall asleep on watch, and a pirate takes the jewel,then sails off with it. When the Chief hears what happened their titles are revoked and they are no longer warriors. Since they have nothing to lose they decide to journey after the pirate and take the jewel back. They then take their ship back and sail toward where the pirate went.

This book is very inspiring and it shows you that even if you’re an outsider and your “different” you can still do amazing things. I loved this book and I bet you will love it to.


Book Review: Deenie by Judy Blume

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When beautiful Deenie  finds out that she needs to wear a brace to straighten her back, she freaks out. She wanted to say “Just forget it I’m never going to wear that thing I’m going  to look so ugly in  it. Everybody is going to know, everybody !” but the words never come out. So she’s  stuck wearing the brace from her neck to her hips. She feels angry and ugly but her friends keep insisting that they can’t even tell that she’s wearing it but she doesn’t believe them. Deenie gets even more angry when the principal sends her home with a note that allows her to go on the bus for people on wheelchairs. At school everybody keeps asking what happened. She has to deal with it till she’s seventeen [because that’s when she can take it off] but she doesn’t think she can make it.

When her mom found out that she needed a back brace she started pouring with tears because she always wanted her to be a model. So it put more pressure on Deenie. The first day with the brace in public was hard for her. She insisted on skipping a week of school, but her father kept saying no. After two weeks with the brace, she started getting a rash for not wearing an under shirt. When she got the the under shirt, she feels like a baby and insisted on taking it of. Will she make it through the school year?

I think the book was really great because you could really feel the stress the character was feeling. It was like experimenting having a brace, which I wouldn’t like. But the feeling is AMAZING. And you can’t put down the book. I recommend this book for ages over 10 years old because the book has some teen aged stuff. YOU SHOULD READ IT!

Book Review: The Invisible Tower by Nils Johnson-Shelton

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Arthur is a skinny boy who plays videogames. One day his sister decides to go on a trip to a gaming tournament, but when they get to their hotel she realizes that she forgot her controller. Arthur then is forced to buy her one so he goes looking for a shop that sells controllers. He finds a shop that has a golden controller so he asks the person at the counter how much it costs, the man says it’s for free only if you come to the cellar with me. Arthur agrees and goes through a doorway to another world. When he comes out he has a magical sword that he pulled out of a rock. When he gets home his sister sees the sword, so he tells her what happened. They go back to the shop and Merlin gives them directions to find the sword Excalibur.

This is one of the most fast paced books I have read, it will suck you in. This book is for people who love medieval action and epic adventures. You need to read this book. Can Arthur get the sword? Can they survive in this other world? To find out more read The Invisible Tower.

Book Review: Loki’s Wolves by Kelley Armstrong

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Matt a boy descended from Thor is asked to represent him and fight the mythical serpent. First he has to find all of the descendants of the gods and the first one he finds is Fern the descendant of Loki. His sister is also a descendant of Loki. They run away from their homes and go hitch a ride on a school buss. They find the twins but the twins don’t believe them. Can they convince the twins, can they find all the other descendants, can they kill the serpent.

This book is one of the most action packed books I have read and the book with most twists in it. I recommend this book.

Book Review: Saving Thanehaven by Catherine Jinks

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This book is about Noble, a videogame character stuck in a computer realizes that he can make his own choices. With the help of Rufus a computer virus Noble suddenly finds himself in a world were he can make his own choices. Noble then goes to meet the princess Loreliana whom he thinks is being held captive. Noble then finds out that she is actually hiding in the castle because she is afraid of him. Rufus then convinces the princess to see the choices that she can make on her own. After they come out and start to celebrate copies of them come in to fill in their place because they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Rufus then leads noble into the kernels truck that can travel through videogames. He then finds himself in a game called killer cells. In the videogame they meet families who have been trapped inside their and want to escape. So they try to find an exit , but when they do they find themselves with only one of the group members with them, a boy named Yestin.

Once they come to their senses they realize that they are in another videogame. This videogame is one where people are trying on different clothes. Rufus then try’s to convince the characters in this game that they can make their own decisions but, only succeeds in getting one person to follow them. They then go to a recycling place and meet the kernel their who tells them what’s happening because of what they did so he gives them a message to Mikey’s phone, telling him to turn his computer off. Noble goes with Yestin and Loreliana to give Mikey the message. When they get there they find out that they can’t give Mikey a message so they try and go to Rufus’s computer and threaten him to take the virus off Mikey’s computer. Noble then finds that exterminators are coming to Mikey’s computer to kill anybody who isn’t following the rules. So Noble trying to save them makes a compromise with the exterminators. The compromise is that if he captures Rufus then they wont kill anybody and allow some freedom to happen.

Noble goes to where Rufus is staying and try’s to convince him to get captured so that nobody will get killed and the chaos will end. Rufus wont listen so they have to lock him up in a chest and carry him to the general who locks him up in a cell until he changes his way thinking. Life goes back to normal after that but, instead of following orders they have freedom on one condition, that they keep everything peaceful. In the real world the real Rufus is puzzled at how things have already been done when he turns on Mikey’s computer.

This book is great book for people who like books that are about impossible things happening and books that are very fictional.