Book review: Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

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Cadel Piggot isn’t your regular 14 year old, he was adopted at 2 and almost got arrested at the age of 5 for hacking into government files. That is when he met Prosper English a psychologist and he encouraged Cadel into causing trouble. At the age 11 Cadel met his father and his father gave him a computer phone to hack into websites. At age 13 Cadel had graduated college and his father had set up another university for him to go to called the Axis institute. There Cadel made a friend called Gazo, a person who could emit a strong odor that could knock a man out. While at the institute Cadel learns about embezzlement, misinformation, hacking, and forgery. After a while Cadel learns that his father is killing people and using kids as weapons. Can Cadel escape the institute before his father finds out, can he evade his Prosper English? To find out more, read Evil Genius.

This is one of the most fascinating books I have read. This book has many twists and turns that may shock you. I hope you enjoy this book.


Book Review: Elemental by Antony John

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Tom, a 16 year old boy is an outsider, someone without an element (earth, wind, fire, and water). He lives on a remote island in the middle of the ocean that protects him and his colony from a deadly plague in the outside world caused by rats. Suddenly, their small colony is attacked by pirates that had attempted to destroy them in the past. The pirates kidnap the guardians. Tom and his friends hide because they know the pirates are coming back for them.

Throughout this experience Tom learns that he has one of the most important elements and he is actually a key to defeating the pirates. Tom also uncovers secrets about his family that shock him and change the way he thinks dramatically. For example, Tom and his father share the same element and his grandmother is still alive.

This book is one of the most intruiging books I have read, you won’t be able to put it down. It has a lot of action and sudden twists to the story that you never thought were going to happen. You will want to read this book.

Book Review: TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY By Jay Asher

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Clay Jensen received 7 tapes each marked with a number on each side with a total of 13.  He presses play and hears a voice he never thought he would  hear again.

It was Hannah Baker’s voice but Hannah is dead. Through the tapes, Hannah tells him that he some how caused her death.  In fact twelve people are on the tapes and are some way responsible for her death. Clay doesn’t want any thing to do with the tapes. Every tape he listens to the harder it gets to keep up with her. After hearing what Hannah had to say he doesen’t know what the other people will think about him. NO GOING BACK. It has chaneged Clay’s life fore ever.

This book was awesome. It has alot of detail. It was really hard to stop reading. I think it’s STIMULATING!  I recommend this book for ages 11 and older because it deals with suicide.

Book Review: El Pequeño Rey De Las Flores

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Había una vez un pequeño rey de las flores que no estaba contento aunque estaba rodeado de flores. Después de buscar por mucho tiempo ¡Encontró una princesa!

Ese mismo día se casaron. Ahora el corazon del pequeño rey de las flores no estaba vacío. La princesa se convirtio en reina de las flores y vivieron felices el resto de sus vidas.

Yo pienso que esta historia era interesante porque el rey fue por muchas aventuras.

Book Review: Gladiator Series by Simon Scarrow

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Marcus  is a 14 year old boy whose father is from the Roman army. His father, after retiring from the army, moved to a small village with his wife. One day, the tax collector comes asking for taxes that they obviously can’t pay. Marcus’s father refuses and tells them, that if they come again he and the other villagers will revolt. The tax collector comes again, but this time with a hundred warriors. Marcus’s father and the villagers try to kill them, but get slaughtered. Then Marcus and his mother get taken as slaves. While they are being carted away, they devise a plot to escape. His mother pretends to be sick needing to go outside. Marcus then lashes out at the soldier knocking him out, and then he grabs his mother and they start running into the forest. His mother trips, and she tells him to keep on running. Marcus then tries to stow away, on a ship. He gets caught stealing food from a sailor and they start to brawl. Marcus knocks him out and then the captain comes and threatens to throw him overboard. Then a slave trader, who trains slaves as gladiators offers to buy him, and Marcus thinks he is safe.

Marcus then meets three other slaves, and becomes their friend. He then goes to gladiator school, and begins to train there. Then he meets a boy, the same age as him and the boy begins to beat and torment him. While he is training ,he meets a man who works in the kitchen and knows about his past. One day ,when they are training a man comes offering to buy Marcus and his tormenter to stage a fight for his friends anniversary. The slave trader agrees, and now Marcus will have to see if he is stronger than the boy he loathes. Before the match begins, he hears news that Brixus the slave that worked in the kitchen had escaped. Before he can ponder about the news, he has to fight in the gladiators ring against his tormentor.

Marcus begins to fight him, but then realizes that pure strength isn’t going to get him anywhere. He then dodges and weaves until his opponent is tired, and then strikes him with fury. He knocks him out, but then refuses to kill him and they order him to then fight a pack of wolves with a knife. While he is fighting them, a girl falls into the pit and he tries to save her. He kills the wolves, but in the process he faints from blood loss. He wakes up to find himself in the infirmary and sees a man  walking into his room. The man thanks him for saving his daughter, and tells him that he has hired him as his daughters bodyguard. Marcus then embarks on a chariot to the city. In the city, he meets Brixus the slave that escaped, and Brixus tells him that he is the son of Spartacus and his mother is Andromeda the wife of Spartacus.

Personally I think this book is for people who like medieval times with action and sudden twists.

Book Review: Nightmare Academy Series by Dean Lorey

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Charlie Benjamin is a kid who was secluded from society because of the many schools he was kicked out of. He got kicked out of so many preschools and kindergartens because of the destruction he caused during naptime. The principal had to ban him from going to school. Charlie had a special ability called the gift, so that when he went to sleep, he had nightmares that caused him to open up a portal to the nether. The nether is a place where monsters and evil beings dwell. After those incidents, he had to get homeschooled by his parents. One day some kids invited him over to a sleepover, which he accepted. While he was sleeping, he opened a portal and let a monster spider in. When he woke up, all the kids were wrapped up in silk hanging from the ceiling.

The people from nightmare academy heard this and decided to recruit him. When he got there, they decided to test him and he opened a portal to the inner circle. It was where the most powerful monsters in the nether dwelled. Charlie closed the portal in time, but not soon enough that one of the most powerful monsters Barrakas talked to him. When he closed the portal, he chopped off Barrakas arm with one of the artifacts on it. The artifact allows Barrakas to summon the creator of all monsters.

Charlie then met the headmaster who took him to meet the other recruits. She took him to the trout of truth which was a fish that swallowed you up if you told a lie. So that if you yell, “I am a banisher” or a “nethermancer”, which are the different types of abilities.  The fish will swallow you if you are lying, it won’t if you are telling the truth. Charlie stepped up and yelled I am a “nethermancer”, nothing happened, and he said “I am not a banisher” and the fish swallowed him up and spit him back out. Charlie was what they called a double threat. A double threat was a person who possessed both the abilities to do nethermancy and banishing.

After that he met two people, who became his friends, Theodore and violet. A couple days later he discovered that Barrakas had taken his parents. He then came up with a plan to sneak out of the academy with his friends and free his parents. He took the artifact that belonged to Barrakas to negotiate with him. When he got there, he told them that he wanted to join them. Unfortunately for him, they sniffed him out so he threw the artifact inside of one of the monsters mouth. Barrakas then started tearing the monster apart so the other one fought back. While they were fighting, Charlie and his friends portaled out with his parents back to Nightmare Academy.

I recommend this book to people who like fantasy and action. I think that it was a very entertaining story. I couldn’t stop reading it.